About us

One day I’m in Bucharest, another day I move to Barcelona and fall in love with the city. Out of nowhere, I meet him and we leave everything to travel the World…

Our journey began on New Year’s Eve. We left for India.

Do you want to travel, but consider it expensive?

You’re seeing people wandering the world and your biggest question is “How can they afford it?”.

You really want to go to all those places, but it has to be way out of your budget at the moment.

Welcome to Be Right Packed!

This is for the travelers on a budget, for those who decided to be fully in charge of their journey, for those who want to find the cheaper ways of traveling.

Who is Be Right Packed?

My name is Anais, the one who always thought traveling is expensive.

I also have him by my side, Andrei, my partner who was brave enough to feed my dreams and leave with me. He’s also the poor guy who has to take hundreds of photos to satisfy my content needs.  

For the last year, we’ve been on the road throughout West and Southeast Asia.

I was always that person who really wanted to travel but never felt financially prepared. Even though many times I was, I was ending the trip with 0 money left, confirming my theory.

After almost 1 year on the road, I can assure you that every place on Earth has also an alternative for those who don’t want to settle for the “tourist package”.

There’s always an alternative to pick up that local bus instead of the private bus, the public ferry instead of the speedboat, and so on. This will save you quite some money, not a fortune, but enough to add up and keep you going for longer.

Is this what you’re looking for?

Then you came to the right place.

I’m happy to have you around.

Stand up paddle in Costa Brava.

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