How to get the Indian touristic visa

I had to write this article to stop you from making the same mistake we did and to guide you a bit through the process.

First of all, our two biggest concerns were that we won’t get it for a longer period of time (3 or 6 months) and that we won’t get it AT ALL.

Let me ease the pain of overstressing, you get it and you get it for 6 months. After catching the General Consul in a good mood and chatting for over 1 hour about our plans (and his) he told us that, if paperwork is fine, they normally give the visa for 6 months.


  1. Take a photo.

It has to be square (5×5 cm) and on white background. Don’t forget to also ask for a digital copy because you will need to also upload it later in the application form.

  1. Go to their official website and fill in the Application Form found in the Regular Touristic Visa section and print it.

You will have to provide some details about your background and also about your stay in India. Make sure you have a contact person and an address. I used the one from the yoga school and the name of the person who e-mailed me.

*I assume you can put anything here as they don’t really ask.

  1. Hotels & Flights

You will need to provide them proof of the flights, both in and out of the country and some for at least a hotel during your stay.

We made some fake reservations for the plane tickets and my tip is to have at least one exit and one entry during your period (we had our tickets for a 3 months’ trip) because like this they’ll give you multiple entry visa and you can go in and out as many times as you want.

  1. Bank statement where it shows you have at least 900 euro/person (4000 RON)

We didn’t know we had to provide this so when they asked for it we thought we were screwed. But the girl there was very nice and accepted some crappy screenshots I took from my bank app.

  1. Paying the tax (440 RON/ approx. 100 euros)

VERY IMPORTANT! They don’t accept payment by card so make sure you have enough cash.

Easy, right?

Too bad I wasn’t this confident from the beginning and missed the chance of buying cheaper plane tickets because I was scared we won’t get the visas, but anyway, as I said, don’t make the same mistake we did.

In case you’re planning to visit India and have any questions regarding the visa (for Romanians), don’t hesitate to write me.

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