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After Jaipur, our plan was to go to New Delhi, but we started receiving messages from our friends in India saying “You have to come to Pushkar! It’s amazing!”.

We googled it, but didn’t find anything special about it. Eventually, 1 day before leaving from Jaipur we decided to just go with the flow and booked a bus there.

We fell in love with this hippie backpacker paradise and didn’t want to leave anymore.

Things to do:


This is the place for shopping!

From silver jewelery and crystals to yoga clothes and dresses, you can find anything here and at very good prices, depending on your skills.

Tip: Bargain hard! (I negociated the price of a dress from 750Rs to 350Rs)


There’s a 15 minutes hike to the Savitri Temple from where you can watch a beautiful sunset.

The Holy Lake:

Here you can also come at sunset to enjoy the beautiful view over the lake, the pelicans and the daily Hindu ceremony at the Ghats.

Tip: Don’t get tricked into buying flowers to throw in the lake for good luck because you’ll get charged a lot of money.

Also, wouldn’t recommend getting henna tattoos here because the women trick you into buying food for their kids and when she takes you to the store you have to pay 1000 Rs worth of food.

Where to stay:

We booked 4 nights at Suri Guest House and we recommend it for the nice vibe, the cosy terrace, the warm couple that owns the place and the cleanliness of the rooms.

We also recommend the hostel Elephant Pushkar where our friends stayed and where we’ve spent all days in their huge garden doing yoga and playing voleyball.

* You can use this code if you book for a minimum value of 30€ and you get 15€ back from

Where to eat:

Pawan Restaurant

Amazing Laffas with falafel (100Rs – 1,24€) or vegetarian burgers (50Rs – 0,60€) and the cherry on top, Mars Nutella Naan (170Rs – 2,11€).

Also, you have to try the Special Lassi, but we’ll let you discover what’s the “special” ingredient. I’ll give you just a hint: it’s green and it will make you crave like crazy that Mars Nutella Naan after.


Great food, probably one of the best in town for its variety, but the prices are a bit higher than in most Indian restaurants.

How to get to Pushkar:

We took a bus from Jaipur Bus Station. It was 290Rs (3,60€) for both of us and we arrived there in 3’30 hours.


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